Print is one of my passions and I love beautiful books. I have put together many books for friends and family for private functions like birthdays, kitchen teas, baby showers,  weddings and brag books.

Ant Nell Nel: Recipe book: copywriting for the dedication to a special mom and grandmother, published with all her own recipes and life story for her 90th birthday. She is a legend in life, within her family and her community. She was born just outside of Loeriesfontein and still lives there today where she still helps out at the “Windpomp museum“. Design and copywriting (2017)

Karin Henriques_Ant Nel
Ant Nell Nel – recipe book. Photography by Paul Henriques, styling and copy by Karin Henriques

Petika & Co.: Coffee-table book: Copywriting of a specially commissioned once-off book paying tribute to “a life dedicated to a craft that supports the honesty working with one’s hands, a craft that moulds raw wood into considered pieces of furniture. The father-son team of Branko and Sasa Petika is as authentic as they come. They are real people, with a real love for their art, their clients and the pieces they craft.”

The book (copy and photographs) was translated into the website and their story is told using three unique and different homes as a showcase of their work.
Designed by Paul Henriques. (2017)

Karin Henriques_Petika & Co
Petika & Co – coffee table book. Design and photography by Paul Henriques, styling and copy by Karin Henriques

Naked Retreats: Launch brochure: copywriting for the inaugural print and online brochure. The brand and the group has, since then, branched out and grew exponentially and I am proud and happy to have been part of their initial journey. Designed by Paul Henriques. (2011) Current website.

Karin Henriques_Naked
Naked Retreats – corporate brochure. Designed by Paul Henriques, copy by Karin Henriques, images supplied.