My writing portfolio is a work in progress as I nurture my craft and expand into new directions.

I’ve done corporate writing for websites, reports and videos for the past 19 years, but have now started writing journalistic features and more creative pieces.

My studies in journalism during 2018 taught me the theory of good writing, honed my skills and gave me the confidence to explore.

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CityVoice (CityVarsity’s Cape Town campus journalism students’ monthly newsletter):

Career advice for young creatives
We can be whatever we want to be at any time in our lives! We can dream big if we are willing to see opportunities, stay relevant and are willing to work hard. Learning and growing from each experience is a part of the journey.

Igshaan Adams, Standard Bank young artist of the year
Cape Town contemporary artist Igshaan Adams was awarded the Standard Bank Young Artist Visual Art prize for 2018. He joined a lineage of 156 artists who have over the last 37 years, received recognition for their work in a space that is often misunderstood. (Oct 2018)

The AfroFest What?
The AfroFest is a festival that connects the people of Africa – bringing them together to celebrate their cultures, and it coincides with heritage day. (Sept 2018)

Go for a forest bath this holiday
Research shows forest trips keep your sanity in tact. (Aug 2018)

Art for everyone
Street artists around the world are painting cities with colours, visual expression and social commentary. (July 2018)

Ja-mag (on-line publication):
When iron curtains fall (poem) (May 2018)

Blog posts:

Zeitz Food: An experience worth a thousand bubbles. Read
Kirstenbosch: The gift of hiking on the mother of mountains. Read

Flash Fiction:
Steaming broccoli, craving cheesecake. Read
Love of my blood. (submitted for publication) Read
The frog and the farmer. Read

Short stories:
Blood land. Read
Once upon a toffee apple. Read

Boobelishious, bangable. Read
Age rage. Read


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